For an easy and reliable detection of Helicobacter pylori infections.

FANhp is designed for easy H. pylori testing from breath samples in bags.
For other 13C test protocols and use of an automatic sample feeder, the well-established HeliFANplus and FANci2 range of FAN devices is recommended.

FANhp was developed for doctors’ practices, check-up centres and hospitals who want to introduce 13C-urea breath testing for detecting Helicobacter pylori infections at reasonable cost.

Simply plug on baseline and sample bag to the 2 ports and tap the start button on the touchscreen to start the measurement.
Result and diagnosis proposal will be displayed within 5 minutes. The result can automatically be printed by the integrated printer.
For filing a daily journal or a system test, data can be downloaded to a USB stick and transferred to a computer.

  • No PC required, all operations are executed via a glove operable touchscreen.
  • Easy-to-read, bright TFT display.
  • Only four buttons on the desktop (Start, Results, Linearize, Settings), all functions designed with icons → easy and straightforward operation in daily practice, low training demand.
  • Adjustable positive/negative threshold (“cut-off”) for all H. pylori test kits on the market that can be used with bags.
  • Wireless barcode scanner connectable to import patient or test IDs.
  • Automatic correction of negative values created by accidental inversion of baseline and sample bag.
  • If desired, results are printed out immediately as soon as they are available.
  • 300 patient results can be kept in memory, allowing to file data as daily journals by printing or by export to a data storage.
  • Integrated self-test at the touch of a button.
  • Device is ready for daily operation after running “Linearization” process in the morning (10 minutes = a cup of coffee).
  • Consumables: bags, absorber (about 1000 samples), Nafion® tube (yearly), air filter (yearly)
  • CE certified
  • Service interface for software updates and maintenance (by distributor).
  • Accurate, reliable and stable: fully following the tradition of “Made in Germany” by FAN.
  • Attractive pricing due to concentration of features and functions.