The FANci2 is a highly sensitive analysis instrument for the determination of the ratio of the stable isotope 13C and 12C in the CO2 of respiratory gases.
The field of application for the device are all diagnosis techniques in which tracer substances marked with the 13C stable isotope are catabolized and finally expelled through respiration.

The 13C breath test analyzer can be equipped with a highly stable dual beam infrared spectrometer.
So this device is suitable both for medical routine diagnostics and for long term measurements with high demands for precision and stability and is the ideal device for laboratories as well as for scientific institutions.

Fields of application
  • Medical diagnostics
    • diagnostic studies for Helicobacter-gastritis
    • specific liver function tests
    • measurement of gastric emptying rate of solids
    • test of the pancreas function with the lipase enzyme
    • determination of the lactase activity with 13C labeled cornstarch
    • investigation of aminoacid metabolism
    • monitoring the circulation of bile acid
    • detection of fat malabsorption
    • indication of bacterial overgrowth in the jejunum
  • Animal nutrition and biochem
    • utilisation of feedstuff
    • dynamics of metabolism
Special features
  • simple and save handling
  • high repeatability (standard deviation < 0.3‰)
  • low servicing by internal checks of system status
  • wide field of application by flexible adaptation to special questions

The control of the FANci2 is realized by the FANci WINDOWS®-software that is distinguished by a clearly arranged representation of measurements results and comprehensive documentation of data.
The user is informed about the progress of the measurements at any time.

By selecting only a few system parameters, the software is adaptable to different questions and can be connected to practise or hospital EDP systems via standard data interfaces like GDT, HL7 or ASTM.

Operating principle

The principle of measurement is based upon the specific absorption of infrared light in the middle of the infrared spectrum between 2 and 8µm wave length (NDIR: Non Dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy). The high selectivity of the infrared detectors is obtained by filling themselves with the corresponding omponents, 13CO2 and 12CO2 respectively.

The cross sensitivity of 13CO2 to the high 12CO2 concentrations is reduced by using a 12CO2 gas filter in the 13CO2 channel and mathematical hods. To yield the high accuracy the temperature is stabilized by thermostat and the system is closed to the environment.

System configuration

The FANci2 consists of only one unit that includes the acquisition unit and the gas management system. The gas sample-ports for the breath bags are located in front of the device.
There are only two connections necessary: the power supply and the connection to the PC. The software communicates with the components of the device via USB.

  • Simple and secure handling by
    • in the hardware integrated sample recognition system
    • compact design and neat layout of controls
  • internal control with fail-save CAN bus
  • heated gas path to eliminate residual moisture
  • low stoppage times and service costs by internal status checks for early failure diagnosis
  • Optical system with
    • integrated thermostat, optimized for the measuring process
    • new efficient IR-sources
    • modified light modulation, optimized to the signal processing and, due to this
    • markedly smoother output signal with lower drift
    • insensitive to nuisance gases by higher selectivity