• 13C breath tests?

    Our breath test devices for determination of 13/12CO2 in breath are real alternatives to expensive mass spectroscopy methods for all investigations where 13C tracers are broken down in organism and expelled by respiration.

    Helicobacter-Pylori urea breath test [scheme], liver function test, gastric emptying, pancrease lipase test
  • H2 breath tests?

    The LactoFAN2 is a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring expired H2 concentrations in ppm. It offers a wide range of medical applications and the possibility to store breath test data and to transfer it to a PC. Our optional FANh2 software ofers comfort functions like built-in breath test protocols, configuration of own test protocols, report generator and hospital or lab information system (LIS, HIS) interface.

    breath tests for Lactose malabsorption, gastric emptying time and bacterial overgrowth

13C Breath Analysis

For an easy and reliable detection of Helicobacter pylori infektions.Continue Reading
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Automatic sample feeder FANas for HeliFANplus. Enables unattended measurement.Continue Reading
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H2 Breath Testing

Small, handy device for easy display of H2 concentration in breath.Continue Reading
Mouthpieces, Calibration gas, Disinfection wipes, Nose clip and more.Continue Reading
Software for evaluating the breath test results, H2 breath tests brochure.Continue Reading