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To filter the description applying please enter the error code indicated on the display and press the spyglass button.

1 Zero point too low (disinfectant pollution – air the device 24 hours)
2 Zero point too high (disinfectant pollution – air the device 24 hours)
4 Sensor sensitivity too low (sensor must be exchanged)
8 Sensor sensitivity too high (sensor must be exchanged)
16 Calibration drift too high (disinfectant pollution – air the device >2 days)
32 Temperature too low (wait for temperature equalization)
64 Temperature too high (wait for temperature equalization)
128 Zero-point drift (air the device some minutes)
256 Sensor backup battery exhausted (must be exchanged by service partner)
512 Main battery exhausted
1024 H2 reading exceeds 300 ppm
2048 Basal value too high (repeat the test, make sure the patient has fasten for at least 12 hours)